It seems pretty appropriate to be writing my first post on March 1, 2010. This month is bringing something in which I have never experienced: a life-changing journey to South Africa. This trip, in 24 days, will bring with it an opportunity to bless the people of Mamelodi, South Africa, an opportunity to be severely touched by the Africans, and most importantly, the opportunity to be further blown away by my Heavenly Father. Ultimately, I know that God is going to become larger and larger to me personally and spiritually. As one of my favorite songs by Addison Road states “I made you promises a thousands times. I tried to hear from Heaven, but I talked the whole time. I think I made You too small, I never feared you at all”. Wow! How true this is in my life as I have placed God on the proverbial pedestal, yet I keep Him up there…only calling upon Him when I need something or thanking Him when I’m extremely happy. I confess I have made Him way too small! How hard it is to imagine this amazing God guiding my every step, while also helping His other children…in EVERY country! How amazing and astounding! This is one of the greatest things I look forward to by experiencing God in the African culture.

It’s strange for me to be creating a blog, but I have been praying about this decision for a while regarding whether or not to open this opportunity for others to get to know me on a deeper level, including my family! At times when I communicate with others face-to-face, I don’t always speak what I’m thinking or have the chance to evaluate what I am hearing. This just may be a great way of expressing my heart. We shall see how this may develop! 🙂

The idea that I may be writing “mini” explorations and reflections of my experiences in this mode, is something I find myself chuckling about. Here I am at the end of my Master’s program, having written 20+ 20 page papers, and I sit here typing away on this over-used keyboard. I pray God can use my words in ways I am unaware! Amidst the smiles, chuckles, cheers, and tears, I hope my words may be used to touch someone’s heart. Not only do I pray God uses my words in each counseling session throughout my days, I also pray He uses the words I type about my faith through the journey.