So, it’s official, we are moving along with the international adoption process! We have been approved by America World Adoption Agency (, and are thrilled with everything so far. With lots and lots of prayer, we truly believe this is God’s calling upon our lives. We are truly taking James 1:27 to heart, and believe God has called us to a life serving orphans, the poor, and widows. We want to honor our God by acknowledging the gifts He has given to us, and with that comes our desire to serve others and grow our family at the same time.

I had a friend ask me several weeks ago if I am having this deep longing to have a baby in my arms. I could honestly tell her “no”.  My arms don’t yearn for a child to hold, but my heart yearns to do the work of our Creator. Travis and I have talked about adoption since before we were married and always thought it would be through a domestic adoption, and this summer after spending time in Africa and falling in love with NUMEROUS orphans, our hearts are open wide to the idea of filling our home with children from across the world in order for them to experience the love of our Heavenly Father. This is not to say we want to Americanize these children because “we Westerners have the best life”, but we do want to be Jesus to the children who may not have the opportunity to grow up in a physically, socially, psychologically, and spiritually healthy home.(*note: 1 out of 6 children in Ethiopia do not make it to their 5th birthday!)

We chose Ethiopia because a) it’s in Africa and our hearts have truly been left over the Atlantic Ocean in that beautiful continent, b) the wait for a child is significantly less than some other countries, c) it’s a little more financially feasible than some other countries,  c) we meet the criteria required by the country, and d) we LOVE chocolate kiddos!

This is where we would LOVE to have your help and support. First and foremost, we would welcome your prayers! We don’t believe this process will be a success without the power of prayer at work, surrounding our home and lives. And secondly, we are beginning several fund-raising ventures. The first one being the amazing opportunity to sell fair trade coffee from Just Love Coffee. There are numerous types of coffees from various countries, including Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Peru, etc… $5 from every bag purchased will go directly to our adoption fund. This is a chance to not only help us through our adoption journey, but it will also help workers in the country receive appropriate and fair pay for their work in the coffee fields.

Will you join us in helping our life change as we prepare to change the lives of some amazing people with whom we will some day meet? Feel free to contact me with questions, comments, encouragements, etc… We’d love for you to join in the support of growing our family!