Yes, the paperwork started a little while ago when we had to give A TON of information for our application to AWAA from health history to monthly financial statements, yet we now have begun the HOMESTUDY process!!!!! This is a HUGE celebration!!! We received a call this afternoon from our social worker to begin collecting various forms. She seriously sent FOUR emails with 25 attachments! Surprisingly I didn’t find this to be overwhelming at all…more like excitement!!!   So, now the process begins of filling out forms to Ohio Job and Family Services and other state and governmental agencies! We’re on our way!!!

For those of you locals out there, we are having a Fall Open House on October 16th at our home to officially “announce” our adoption and kick off a few fundraisers. Below is a picture to hint one of our projects…

There’s an explanation behind the necklace, but that will come at a later date…this is just for intrigue! HA!