God really does some amazing things to keep you on your toes, and guide you while you follow His path! I wanted to share this amazing article from Russell Moore, the author of Adopted for Life. I encourage you to really sit and ponder how God may use you in your journey of helping and serving others. (Just click on the article title below to read the knowledgeable words of Moore)

Is the Orphan My Neighbor?.

We had our open house this weekend and were a little disappointed by the turn out of people, but ultimately we saw God in many ways throughout our time. Everyone who came, came from our church…it was so great having the opportunity to get to know more people whom we see every Sunday, people who were genuinely interested in our adoption process. Many of the individuals stayed for a while learning about both our trip to South Africa, and shared in our excitement of how God is leading us back to Africa where we will forever be connected to one of the most intriguing and passionate continents of people.

We are really excited to continue fundraising, and will be adding a tab along the top of this blog just for fundraising updates! We’ll include some pictures of the items (which have turned out really nice!)

May God lead you as continue through the journey HE desires for you!