We have been so excited to begin this giveaway, and we’ve received a few more items for it! We have been blessed with the support from others, that we truly are thankful for the opportunity to bless those that have helped us! THEREFORE, there are a few BRAND NEW items we are adding to our giveaway.

The FIRST giveaway will be for the brand new 4th generation 32GB iPod Touch (valued at $299).

The SECOND giveaway will be for a brand new Insigna GPS (valued at $129)

The THIRD giveaway will be for TWO bags of Just Love Coffee (in our opinion, some of the best coffee you will taste!)

Sooooo, there you have it! THREE great giveaways!!!!!

DETAILS: $10 for ONE entry, $25 for THREE entries, and $50 for SIX entries!!!!!! Checks can be sent directly to us, or you can use the PayPal link below.