Okay, so many of you know the love I have for Travis, my husband. But a few days ago he came to me and wanted to show me something he had created…. Come to find out he had done a lot of research of Ethiopian statistics (used under our tab), but also had found many pictures from various noted sites and utilized them to compile a slide show… Needless to say my love for him and the passion he has for this adoption is just straight from God!  I’m telling ya, God’s working in our hearts in big ways!) I wanted to share the slide show with you so I did a little editing and came up with this video.

HINT: Enlarge this video for the “best” visual experience. 🙂

My love and passion for Ethiopia is growing leaps and bounds as well! Studying and researching the culture and traditions is something that is becoming a daily routine for me! This future adoptive Ethiopian momma is learning more and more about my babies’ culture!