We received a call on Sunday while spending the weekend in New York visiting friends, from our social worker stating she would like to deliver our homestudy to us (she doesn’t live too far from us!)!!! After getting home on Monday evening, Travis met with Therese and it’s official, our homestudy is IN HAND! Whoo Hoo! 🙂 So that meant today was spent making the appropriate copies of papers, cutting a check, and sending our stack to US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Next steps are waiting for the notification of the need to travel to the State Department to get our biometrics (fingerprints) done and waiting on the approval letter from USCIS. Oh, and of course, applying for grants and scholarships!!!! Please pray with us that we are able to raise enough funds to send in our dossier when the approval letter arrives! We know that with God, ALL things are possible!