So, I’m not going to use this avenue to complain about things usually, but I’m totally going crazy with this weather… For the past months my dreams (okay, day dreams) have been filled with visions of what I believe it’s going to be like getting our two kiddos in Ethiopia, but for the last few weeks my day dreams have changed….

First of all, let me fill you in on what we’ve been seeing on a daily basis:

(TOO MUCH SNOW!) That’s what we’ve been seeing. Having to scrape our cars every day is just getting OLD~! And having to hope and dream that one of these (see pic below) will be coming down our street is not my idea of a fun day dream!

Therefore, I’m changing my dream: I’m utilizing thought replacement, and whenever I’m seeing the snow come down, the snow plow heading down the street, and every time I’m outside sweating in the COLD because I’m working my TAIL off scraping the car off I’m going to picturing and dreaming of this….

Ahhhhhhhhhh, can’t you just FEEL the peace!?! If you see me walking around with my shorts and tank tops on, or even laying out trying to soak up the sun, you know my thought replacement therapy is working.  And PLEASE, don’t disturb my peace and tell me it’s below zero and there’s over a foot of snow surrounding me…. I NEED my new dream!