Okay ya’ll. Never in my life did I ever think I would be so passionate about a tree. Yes, that’s right. My new passion IS a tree: the Moringa tree to be exact. I’m telling ya, once you learn of this tree, it’s going to become a passion for you as well!

Let’s start with  the background:

Travis and I first learned of Moringa from a friend, Jenney when she posted on her blog about *ECHO (Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization, see their website here). Travis and I then started doing more research on this amazing creation! It truly is a miracle tree. JUST WAIT until you see what it can do! God has hidden a gem in this world of His that people (okay, many Westerners) are JUST NOW beginning to understand the strength and abilities this tree possesses.

This tree can grow in many, many types of soils, and absolutely LOVES tropical climate. (It loves temps 70 and over, but don’t we all?!) It is most commonly found in South American, Indian, and African countries. Moringa species are DROUGHT-RESISTANT and can be grown in BARREN ground! EVERY part of the tree from the root, bark, seed pods, flowers, and leaves are edible for both human and animal consumption.

Why does this matter you ask??? Well, take a look at these AMAZING and MARVELOUS benefits this plant has…

-the leaves contain EVERY SINGLE amino acid needed

– HALF the times of VITAMIN C from 1 orange

-9 times the PROTEIN of yogurt

-4 times the VITAMIN A of carrots

-15 times the POTASSIUM of a banana

-25 times the IRON of spinach

-17 times the CALCIUM of milk

-If fed to cattle, it has been shown to increase weight gain by up to 32% and increased milk production by 43-65%

-It is known to increase milk supply in nursing mothers

-The oil in the seed pod can be utilized for biofuels and fertilizer

-The meal from the seeds can be used to PURIFY WATER

-The powder from dried leaves can seriously help to decrease the number of persons  suffering and dying from malnutrition. JUST FROM A FEW TEASPOONS OF POWDER!

Why am I sharing all of this?

Think of all the lives that could be benefited with such nutrition?!?!?! We’re feeling challenged to do something with this! We want to spread the word!!! We saw first-hand how beneficial it was to help begin sustainable gardens in South Africa last year, but our minds are whirling with ideas on how all of this knowledge can be helpful when we begin approaching our time in Ethiopia. We are excited to see where God is going to be taking us, and we’re open to do something with this AMAZING plant!!! Along with our adoption, could we ask for your prayers on how we can use this information further?

*Take a look at ECHO! We have several connections to this AWESOME organization, and are just learning about MANY of the wonderful programs they have going on, including international agricultural education, urban gardening, and a seed bank for international workers. We cannot wait to tour their gardens in Florida and further learn what we can do for the people of Africa.

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