We were able to see some friends of ours this weekend as they stopped over to pick up an order of hats AND not only that, but to drop off some stuff for our sale (don’t worry Jenney, we haven’t explored it!) 🙂 Can you tell they are pro-adoption?! My heart was full after they left for sure!!!!

So anyway, with all that said their littlest darling received one of our owl hats and I’m dying to share a photo her momma took of her… The pic doesn’t do her justice AT ALL, as she is just the most precious, happy thing (well, along with her brothers!)…but she does make the hat pretty cute! (and NOT the other way around!!!!) Can you tell I drool over this family and their kiddos?! 🙂 HA! They are another family where they believe to speak Truth into their kiddos and pray for God’s direction over their childrens lives. I LOVE getting to spend time with them!  Anyway, on to the pic….

Is she not the most cutest thing ever?!?!? I told ya!!! So her brother is getting a monkey hat as well, but until the sizing of our hats are tweaked a little more you just get to be teased by this adorable one… Thanks Jenney and Matt, for sharing two of your sweet kiddos with us this weekend!!!