Well, it’s here! Craft show #2 starts bright and early tomorrow morning. Set up starts at 630am, and things officially start at 9am!! We’re asking for prayer tomorrow as we hope this will provide the rest of our funds in order to submit our dossier.  Prayer is powerful and we know God is so much bigger than our adoption. Pray that a) funds will be provided, b) that we continue to grow our faith and trust in our Lord as we see Him working throughout the adoption process, and c) that we truly can challenge some people in relation to stepping out in complete faith when they feel the Holy Spirit moving in their lives.

Some people have had concerns in our raising funds for the adoption, thinking that we should have all the money before we pursued the adoption. But, sorry to say, I think we’d be 50 before we’d feel we would have all the money we would need for the adoption and money for raising our children. How can we deny the calling we believe God is calling us for at this time? Granted, we would LOVE to have all the money we need, but that would not provide an avenue to completely trust our Father to provide funds. How can we deny God is involved when we have received some amazing checks in the mail from friends from afar, another adoptive family, a neighbor, and a check from someone who never even met us until they handed us a check!? God is moving and it’s just amazing to be a part of it! Each payment and interaction re-vamps our faith as we are reminded God has not forgotten us and our needs. How humbling!!!!

So, as we pray over our merchandise and crazy, funky monkeys we thank the Lord for our abilities to complete them and pray for the individuals receiving each fun item. We welcome your prayers as well: prayers for the people, the event, AND for the weather to be welcoming as we have only seen rain this entire week.

Be blessed, my friends!