Okay, so I realize I have ideas, and many times they may not pan out completely, but we need your help. We want to challenge our friends to help us (whether or not we’ve met face to face!) We want to place stars on every state in the US. Can you guess why?

Right now we are 10 for 50! But hey, I’m thinking 10 is pretty outstanding so far!  That means 9 states have been represented in loving on us and our adoption! Isn’t that super fun?!  So with your help, we’d love to have more states represented. Yes we know, we’re begging. But hey, we want to get rid of all these monkeys, purses, and hats! Wanna help?

Send your friends to our etsy site at www.etsy.com/shop/foryourchildandmine or have email me at fegingerich@gmail.com!

Looking forward to adding more stars to the map!