So God has really been working on our hearts just within the last few days…It started by having a truly enjoyable evening with one of Travis’ high school friends who is just a joy and a caring spirit>a friend who is open to God’s voice and direction…. It continued the stirring in Travis’ and my hearts to really be open to God’s call upon our lives and the lessons He has to share with us.

We were/are greatly reminded of His desire for us to TRUST HIM during our journey home  from Iowa, when we got home to see one of our yard sale blessings stolen from our home, and then upon receiving our long-awaited adoption t-shirts that are NOT what we were expecting as they are NOT like the original design! You see, no matter the event, we are beginning to really see God’s involvement, and we are welcoming Him (although it’s not always easy!) God has been giving us single words to sum up some of our lessons, and I want to share them with you, and also see what word-lessons God has been reminding you about….

So…..I’m curious… What are some word-lessons God has been leading your through? (I’m asking for audience participation here…) 🙂 I look forward to learning with you through YOUR journeys!