Yes, I truly believe I experienced freedom in numbers this weekend. Saturday was such a special day spent meeting new friends face-to-face. These weren’t just “special” friends, but they were friends who have chosen to adopt from Ethiopia which just makes them INCREDIBLE people!  (and yes, I include ourselves in that word as well!) HA! But seriously, I’ve never been at a place where each and every person “got it”. “Got” the reasons for which we chose to adopt, “got” the reasons why we chose to apply to the Ethiopian program, and “got” the reasons why God is just so incredible.

Not only was Saturday filled with fun times at the zoo dripping in sweat, but it was a time of spiritual growth for us as well.  We could look around the room and see the many emotions as we watched a family meet their new children…incredibly BEAUTIFUL children! With INCREDIBLE stories in the short years they have been on God’s earth. How could it not be a spiritual moment watching parents meet their two children…even if only by picture?

God orchestrated that meeting completely!  And I was in awe! But also as cool, God orchestrated my adoption as well.  Shouldn’t I be in awe? I tend to forget what an important relationship I have with Him. He sent His Son to die for ME….and YOU! Why am I not on my knees daily thanking Him that He continuously protects me, He guides my path, and blesses me with incredible new friends!  I can only imagine the day Travis and I will be able to see our children walk (or be carried!) out of those doors in Ethiopia and the emotions that will well up inside of me…I MUST be reminded my God does THAT daily (or maybe even hourly!) for each and every one of us!

We are accepted and adopted by the ONE who created us…even with ALL of our flaws, insecurities, and disabilities. What an incredible and humbling thought.