What a whirlwind we have just experienced throughout this past week!  It all started last week when we were in panic-mode as we didn’t have enough tables and tents. We knew we needed the tents as the sun and heat has been sweltering, and we needed a TON of tables as we had some wonderful items to display! But, for the first provision of the week, friends kept asking others about tables and tents, and thus, we had three large tents and I don’t know how many tables! (Blessing #1)!

Wednesday was set-up day as we woke up at 530AM to load the truck and SUV, and we were off! The sale was only about 11 miles away, but there were many, many trips back and forth. (I wish I knew how many loads we made, but we just didn’t keep track.) What work! Loading, unloading, setting tents and tables up, organizing the items, etc… all the while “early birds” kept streaming in. This day was exhausting, and didn’t end until about 930PM.

Thursday, we were up and running by 6AM, and so the customers came…but not only that, Travis had an interview with a Christian radio station, WBCL (Taylor’s radio station!), and our local news came out to interview us about the yard sale and our adoption. The radio spot ran throughout the day, and the tv spot ran a few times during the evening news.  What a blessing it was to have our story told, as well as spreading the word of adoption! (Blessings # 2&3!)

Friday: What a day! I cannot even tell you the number of people who came up to us asking if we were the ones on the news! How GREAT it was to have times of inspiration scattered amongst the craziness! We had blessing upon blessing with each individual purchase, as well as donations being placed in our jar. Someone even came up to Travis saying they were from Graybill, Indiana and wanted to come make sure they stopped at our sale since they heard our radio spot on WBCL. Isn’t that the coolest? God rocked our socks off! There were other really cool stories of people coming up to us saying they had adopted or were foster parents. People were truly excited for us. Strangers were so encouraging!  (there may be doubters out there about our adoption, and our “obsession” but it was truly evident that God has been with us through this ENTIRE process…and we’re not even DTE!!!!)  (Blessings # 4-20 or something like that)

Also on Friday there was an old coworker of Travis’ that came and said she had some more donations for us if we wanted them. We were VERY hesitant as it meant we had to load up the truck again and then price things and set more things out….BUT, when Travis arrived back with the load we were AMAZED and overwhelmed all at the same time. Someone had given us a wonderfully-nearly-new vacuum, a power-wheel-type 4wheeler in AMAZING condition, and an electrical pocket rocket mini bike/motorcycle. We were BLOWN away at the condition of everything (practically NEW) and how much those donations would bring in!!!!!  (Blessings # 21-40, approximately!) HA!

We had some special visitors that sought us out as they had gone to Bluffton College with Travis and had seen us on the news. Both families really touched our hearts by their kindness and interests in our adoption, and both families allowed us to see Christ in their hearts! How blessed we truly are! Thanks Alayne (Blessing #41!) and Cam and Rachael (Blessing #42 and #43!)! What blessings you have been to us through your deeds!

Saturday. The LAST day! We made more and sold more this day than the others combined! Right when we were worried we weren’t doing as well as we had hoped, God seemed to say “I told ya to trust Me!”.  The rain held off until the very end, and we were really able to move a lot of items! One of the stories that has stayed with me was of an older couple who I didn’t see ever looking around at items, but they came directly up to me and asked me “Why Ethiopia?”  This I thought for sure was going to be one of those “Why are you adopting from Ethiopia when there are kids in the US who need parents”. But, after I talked to them a bit they said “Great, we just wanted to hear what you have to say, here’s our donation” then they left.  It was a quick interaction, but it left me humbled and so thankful for the many blessings throughout this ENTIRE yard sale process (Blessing 42-?!).

Such an incredible whirlwind to demonstrate God’s faithfulness to us! Oh, and I guess I will announce that we are only $602.50 from our GOAL!  BUT, what’s even cooler is the fact that we have two large items left from our sale. THEY ADD UP TO $600!!!!! So, when we should be disappointed we can’t yet send in our paperwork, we are still able to see GOD’S WORK in providing EXACTLY what we need!!!!!!!  So, anyone want a corn furnace or a game table? 🙂 HA!

Thank you all for your prayers and thought throughout this sale. AND, to those who donated items: we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!! You truly provided plentiful blessings for our journey! Here’s a link for our tv debut HERE (HA!) and a few pics!