Yes, we truly are spoiled because we have a certain someone who has come into our lives, so flexible, and willing to try things we ask of her. THIS girl (Tiffany Levenhagen) and her photography are just precious! We first met her when she first purchased some of our hats at our first craft show. But since then, we have been able to give her hats to try, just to get the sizing and looks “just right”. She is magical! šŸ™‚ Travis and I are so excited to have a session scheduled ourselves at the end of October!!!!Ā  We thought it would be amusingĀ  to get some fun photos taken of the two of us with Tiffany’s magic before our family grows, and what better time than the fall with its leaves and jeans!?

So I’m going to share some of her pics of our hats!!! We still have more hats to try, and we’re just so thankful we have someone like Tiffany to work with! What a blessing!!! Enjoy these (and make note that these are just copied and does not show the true quality of her work!!)!!!

Isn’t she amazing?! We truly are obsessed with Levenhagen Photography!!!! If you are in the Findlay area, please consider working with Tiffany! We definitely think she is just magic!