But we are DTE TODAY!!!! Let me explain. This means that for the last year, all of the tears and frustrations from having to collect papers from local, state, and national governmental offices, immigration, doctors, law enforcement, etc… is DONE! We have just been completely humbled through this process as it has taken A LOT longer than most because of our money situation, but God has provided! If you read one of my last posts you saw that we have been BLESSED with more than $13,000 for our adoption expenses! This was NOT done through power of our own, but through the pouring down of blessings from above!

And speaking of blessings, I came home one day this week with a special envelope in the mail. It contained a necklace I have been eyeing since starting this process…. Our dear friends sent this to me to celebrate our “official” expectation of our kiddos from Ethiopia!  Isn’t it adorable?! LOVE IT!

If you’re interested in one similar, it came from <www.sweetteashoppe.etsy.com>