So it’s totally time for a new post. I’m lacking on deep thoughts and/or quirky things at the moment, but must share one of my greatest addictions to date. It’s Pinterest. Yes, (thank you to Sarah who “invited” me and encouraged this addiction) And if you don’t know about it….go check it out and join me in the obsession! The site allows you to “pin” (which is pretty much like bookmarking) items to a site where you open an account and it stores all these “pins” of ideas, pictures, interests, etc… I’ve made my account keep crafty ideas, home project ideas, ideas for children, activities,food, and sooo much more!

With all of that said, I will share with you a project I completed for a friend’s wedding gift this past weekend. I saw something similar I had “pinned”, and wanted to try my own interpretation of the picture.  It worked! and it was sooooo easy!

It started with a canvas, wood letters, glue, and matte spray paint. (*I must say that the letters are not exactly what I wanted as I was limited to what Hobby Lobby had*next time I will plan ahead a little more and look around at other stores, but altogether I think it turned out well)

And the  final product: (I had to use a 2.5″ polyester ribbon as they were out of 2.5″ satin ribbon. I think the bow would have looked a little nicer with satin)

On another note: We have TWO WEEKS until the Christmas in October Craft Show at the Hancock County Fairgrounds. We are having to work our tired fingers to the bone to get things done, but we are thrilled to be doing it!!! Looking forward to seeing how God will shine!