So either I haven’t posted anything to this blog because a) things are s-l-o-w right now at 209 S. Jackson, or b) I’ve just be too apathetic to want to post…How about it being mix of the above reasons?!

But, the current “news” that has been occurring as of late are the orders that keep pouring in for us to complete hats for the adoption fund. Check out some of these fun creations by clicking HERE.  We are now up to FIFTY orders since October 1st. Yah, we’ve been a little busy I guess 🙂

Travis and I have something completely fun to “announce” in the next few days…Stay tuned and be sure to check back on Dec 1st! (don’t worry, it has nothing to do with babies coming or huge changes in our lives, but we DO hope it will bring major changes to our hearts this Christmas season).

And as I look at the calendar, I notice one thing beside it being so close to Christmas….We are THREE MONTHS DTE! That means all of our paperwork has been in Ethiopia for the past 3 months! That’s pretty amazing as it has gone SUPER fast! We have a lot longer to wait, but it’s fantastic to know that we have 3 months of waiting “under our belt”! 🙂