So I said I was going to reveal something Travis and I are doing to grow our hearts and truly strive to prepare ourselves for this Christmas season. For the last few years a part of my parent’s Christmas celebration has been giving every person $10 to do something for someone else….some of the ways my siblings/parents/Travis&I gave our money was using $20 at a toll booth to pay for the next 20+ cars, delivering muffins to the labor and delivery floor on Christmas day for nurses and doctors, etc… But this year Travis and I decided to change it up a little for the two of us.

Isn’t that what the REAL reason of Christmas is? to celebrate the GIFT Christ gave US by doing/giving things for others!? So, Travis and I have begun today with small Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. We are using these cards to help spread the message of what we’re doing without signing our names…

(I saw the card idea on Pinterest, of course) 🙂

But this is where our Day #1 cards spent the day…at Travis’ school waiting to bless one of his fellow teachers….

We’re so excited to being doing this this year as we are passionate about doing things for others throughout the year. Hope you are able to continue following us through this fun preparation of our hearts in the Spirit of giving!

On a somewhat similar note….

I’m kind of having a hard time coming to terms that this Christmas is going to be quite small for us as far as giving gifts to family as $ and business has slowed DRASTICALLY at T’s part time job (like going from 16 hours a week to 3 or 4 hours a week). Many companies are not doing much hiring of new employees, and thus Travis is not having to do phone interviews. BUT, altogether it’s been incredibly humbling as of late being more intentional about giving of ourselves…It will be fun to come up with creative ways to give of our time, talents, and things!

This year especially I am reminded of the story The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry…… the story truly inspires during the Christmas season!

If you haven’t read it, Google it and you’ll LOVE it! 🙂