Day #3 consisted of Christmas candy again. Oh how we wish we could do sooo much more, like Oprah-moneys-worth-more (thanks Joanne), but the people around us get a piece of candy 🙂

Need some opinions here: would you accept Christmas cookies from someone if they were offering them on the corner of a main street? I can’t say that I would take a cookie from a stranger, but this has been an idea that has crossed our minds…We’ve been thinking of staying with pre-packaged items, but would love to make things for others as well. Would love to have your thoughts…

Enjoy day #3’s pics! We ended up tagging about 30 vehicles in a parking lot with our pages and a piece of Christmas mintyness!


(Ps. we realize we’re a day behind in posts, but one of these days we’ll double up with the excitement 🙂