Yes, so it seems it is kinda hard to keep up with the RACKs when you have other things on the schedule that are taking so much more time and energy (say, about 25 crocheted hats to get done before Christmas and I find that I’m not even getting OUT OF THE HOUSE!). But, this weekend we did end up getting away for Travis’ part time job’s Christmas party/getaway… SO, I’m changing the titles to ACTS instead of DAYS. Still aiming for 25, but changing some logistics 🙂 So here are three more….

ACT #8: A little trip to McDonald’s restrooms provided the PERFECT little place to leave some coloring books! (I thought it was sooo cool the restroom had a counter that was JUST the spot to leave the awaiting gifts!

Act #9: We left a special treat for our housekeeper when we left our quaint room at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in PA (thanks to the Right Thing, Inc!)…This bar was EXPENSIVE for a small bar, but considering you could buy a small bag of gummy bears at the resort for a mere TEN DOLLARS this bar was CHEAP! HA!

Act #10. I found a sale on the HUGE Hershey bars and decided our mailman needed to be blessed!

I must confess something about these challenges as we’re almost half way done…THIS IS HARD! It’s hard to keep my heart into each and every act. I’m one that lives by a list and I’m finding at times I just want to cross the act off the list without even truly thinking and praying about it…I’m finding it hard to be still and allowing the Lord to move us through this exercise. This is truly a challenge!!!!! Overall, this is really surprising me as I thought this would be a breeze! I’m thinking there are some major lessons for me in the near future 🙂