Thank you all who have been checking in, but yet finding that we are now 7 “events” behind… We had to take a little intermission! 🙂 We have this weekend to catch back up!

A little discussion on the stress of the season:

So I have this little habit called “over commitment”. It has taken over my world this Christmas Season as responsibilities have flooded in…namely: hat orders. Yes, we have opened ourselves to these orders, and yes, they are such a blessing to us…BUT WHOA, it’s been overwhelming.

And then on top of these “responsibilities” I have committed Travis and I to the RACKs and this blog which has been utterly overwhelming that the perfectionist individual in me is saying “we haven’t done ONE A DAY like I said I would…I’m FAILING”. We haven’t even started our gifts for our families, or truly planned out our vacation as we are traveling to family, participating in separate family Christmases, and on top of it, Travis is getting his wisdom teeth out a few days after Christmas. Oh, and for those of you who haven’t heard…I have actually taken our tree DOWN already! 🙂 Yes, it was standing for two weeks without lights or ornaments and I really got stressed about it being bare and not having the time to commit to it fully…so I took it down. Crazy, I know!

Ummmm, can you tell my brain is overloaded slightly?

But HOLD THE PHONE: Does any of this matter? Why am I stressing out and putting so much pressure on myself? My perfectionism weighs heavy on me during the Holiday season as I want to have the “best” gifts for people, have that “gorgeous” tree, and complete several of the amazing projects that I have on my list to do in the most perfect way… Sounding a little insane as I type it out… Who’s with me in taking a step back to really search for the reasoning behind this craziness? Who wants to take a step back and truly reflect the star, the Star of Promise within the Christmas story? Want to change/tweek attitudes and commitments to truly shine the love of Jesus to those around us? Yah, I’m thinking some things need to change throughout the preparations of the coming Christmas…