There was something special about some of the RACKs we were able to complete this weekend. Three of them occurred Saturday evening when Travis and I were on a “date”! We had planned on heading to a special town to us to see their lights for Christmas.

#11 happened because of God’s grace…We were getting gas before we headed out and witnessed a lady who neglected to watch her pump as began overflowing with gas… Then we were able to witness her drama as she became irate toward the person behind the counter as he communicated to her she still had to pay (there was a sign saying NOT to leave pump unattended in care of overflow). She would NOT leave the store, and all 10 of us inside the store witnessed her terrible attitude and refusal to move. It was embarrassing to witness!!!!

As we were finally able to check out, had one of our RACK pages in our pocket, we purchased a candy bar from the attendant, but instead of walking out of the station with it….grabbed our RACK page and handed it and the candy bar to him to say “Merry Christmas” and to wish him a better evening. All of this while this irate women refused to leave.  This really opened our eyes and were really saddened by individuals’ lack of respect for those who are completely innocent in their matters! Talk about a “Bah-Humbug” moment!

#12: Our date consisted of going to one of our most favorite pizza “joints” where the pizza is great, but the people are amazing! It’s a Christian family who has a franchise of a Christian pizza company (where Bible verses are even printed on their boxes and adds!). We met the family when we were house parents at the maternity home…they would donate a pizza to us every month, and that’s where the relationship began! So, needless to say we ordered one of their yummy “pies” to later find out they RACKed US!!!!! 🙂 How blessed we are!!!! So as we were leaving we decided to see if there were any orders for take-out pending…We grabbed a RACKed page, paid off the next bill, and left with instructions to give the next order the paper to pass on the love the owners gave to us! God is so incredibly good!

#13- Ah, Christmas lights…. This town does thousands of lights in their park and charges $5 a car to drive through the park to see their lights. The profits go to a charity, and holy cow the cars that come from ALL AROUND! IT was MADNESS with the amount of people going through…. it would usually just take a few minutes to drive through, but it took about 30 minutes because we were bumper to bumper!  As we entered we handed the workers our payment along with the payment for the car behind us and a RACK page… So fun to be anonymous! 🙂