As I sit here nibbling my shrimp cocktail and sipping my bubbly, and as my husband lies in bed recovering from his surgery and adjusting to the side effects of his narcotics (don’t worry, he just got his wisdom teeth removed), IĀ  ponder what this past Season has been for us and what I have learned from it. Altogether I think I forgot about God in my life. I have been so focused on scratching many things off my list that I have not given my God my time. Today is a great day for me to begin this new year where I most desire to reflect God’s love to those around me.

How can I better teach myself it’s about HIM, not about me!?!?! Why is it so easy to pay attention to the lists and not Him? I’m thinking I need a neon sign saying something like “talk to God NOW” or “He’s listening”…or how about “He’s waiting” Yah, I’m thinking a bright sign might just be helpful! šŸ™‚

So among the lists of things to complete this Christmas was of course the RACKs we started on Dec. 1st…If you’ve been checking on us you’ve seen we haven’t quite made it to 25…. šŸ™‚ BUT, fear not, we have completed more and they are as follows:

#14 & 15: We delivered cupcakes to a few friends before we left for Iowa! (What a challenge it was to complete cupcakes in between finishing up our Christmas orders…can we say over-committing myself seems to be a hobby of mine?) HA!

#16: When we started planning our RACKs we purchased handwarmers to hand out, but we’ve had a crazy month this December where temperatures were not “average”. I don’t think I ever wore a glove outside as temps were really mild. BUT, when we were in Iowa for a few days around Christmas we found a Salvation Army bell ringer on a relatively “cold” day and handed him his new pair of handwarmers on our way into a store. The funny thing was, when we came out he was gone! Guess those handwarmers weren’t really needed at the time. šŸ™‚ Oh well!

#17: After Travis and I were done with our Christmas shopping we went to have lunch at Panera. We had planned we would purchase a gift card with our order and turn around and hand the card to someone in line. There happened to be a gentleman who was waiting patiently by himself and was literally counting his pennies.Ā  As he was stepping up to place his order we discretely handed him the card and told him his meal was on us! The surprised look in his eyes was priceless! There’s just something about surprising a complete stranger and watching the reality of the event sink in! šŸ™‚

We had been collecting boxes of hot chocolate, bags of marshmallows, and insulated cups to hand out to various offices and/or individuals. So, while we were still in Iowa we decided on Christmas Eve we would deliver the goodies to various agencies who remained open for the Holiday.

#18: we delivered a package of goodies to the Iowa City Police Department. We totally surprised the officer on duty as we had no idea where exactly we were going, yet she was even more surprised when we handed her the armful of goodies!

#19 & #20 occurred at Mercy Hospital in Iowa City…Travis’ sister Meagan joined me in delivering some goodies to the nurses on duty on a few floors. As we headed into the hospital we found a security guard and asked him what floors he believe were the busiest on Christmas Eve. (Granted it was about 8pm at the time…). Things were QUIET in the lobby, but as we headed to the floors he described, the nurses stations were quite active! The telemetry floor (cardiac care) and ICU floor nurses were quite astonished as we told them “thank you for all that you do to serve your community”. They responded with smiles and questions of who we were affiliated with…How fun it was to say that we were just doing it ourselves…with no organization! šŸ™‚

Between hand making all of our Christmas gifts, completing Christmas hat orders, traveling, and doing the RACKs….I only managed to make it to 20 RACKs…not the planned 25…Ā  I’m totally not trying to sound like I’m complaining….I’m proving the fact that I piled my plate NICE and HIGH this Season with little attention to my Savior…I’m thinkin’ things are needing to change a bit as we begin this new year…. I’ll keep any resolutions to myself as I truly do NOT want to over-commit myself here on the blog.. HA! I’m all about accountability, but the pressure I can put on myself feeling as if I failed with the RACKs ending at 20 is NOT the pressure I need while entering 2012…. “Lord, I pray for Your guidance as I set aside time to care for myself and my relationship with You throughout 2012!

PS…. FOUR MONTHS DTE!!!!!! And Happy New Year to ALL!!!!