We have been truly finding ourselves blessed throughout the last several months. I think I am just now starting to breathe after our crazy journey through Christmas season that I can truly reflect upon God’s goodness upon our adoption journey and upon our adoption fund! Without sharing major specifics, I do want to share that since October 1st we have had over 60 orders!!!!!… And here’s what our fingers have been working on…..

3 Chick hats

4 ladybug hats

2 frog hats

3 bear hats

5 sock monkey hats

4 santa hats

4 pairs of leg warmers

5 custom hats, including 1 robot!

and 33 owl hats!

*There was also the creation of several sock monkey toys scattered throughout as well 🙂 And thank the Lord for a husband who is more than willing and capable of whipping out a needle and thread to make the monkeys! BLESSINGS, I tell ya! 🙂 ABUNDANT BLESSINGS!

Take a look at some of the special pictures we have been given along the way…There’s just something so special seeing the children our items are touching. The smiles are so worth the time and effort!

We LOVE getting pictures of our items with their new owners! 🙂 It’s truly just a blessing that God has given us the ability to make these handmade items in order to raise money for our future Blessings!

And THANK YOU to those who have ordered from us! God is truly using you throughout our journey!

Stay tunes for some new and exciting hats coming to our shop! “Like” us on facebook at our “For your child and mine “boutique“. We’ve been working on some new products and are “perfecting” their quality as I write!

A hint would be…..*think- hats from a different era or special occasion…*