Just wanted to load a few pictures for y’all to see where we spent our time this weekend…Travis and I, along with my parents, spent a busy time Friday evening setting up for this year’s 2 day Springtime in Ohio craft show. We had a lot of obstacles getting everything together and some chaos with schedules, but everything worked out wonderfully. So thankful we were able to spend some great time advocating for adoption, working to raise funds for our adoption, and of course getting to chat with a whole mix of individuals!

There were great moments filled with people’s pleasant reactions when they read our cards stating the benefits from each sale go to our adoption, and then of course there were the reactions of some saying “Oh you’re adopting?? My husband and I had fertility issues too and we just went with fertility treatments and had 3 successful pregnancies”.  My response? “Oh. Well we believe God has truly called us to adopt as our family’s first option to begin our family.” Bring God into it and some people stop talking. But I’m NOT going to stop talking about our calling. Nope. Not one bit. I want the stigma of adoption to GO AWAY. So many people think it’s the last option for families. Ummm. not in my book, and I truly don’t believe it’s the last option in God’s Book either. 🙂

Oh my soapbox could get higher and my voice louder right about now, but I will refrain. I’ll leave you with some pics of our booth at the show. We have been tweaking our designs each time (believe me, we are NOT avid craft show venders and it is quite evident to other venders around us as we get comments and “friendly” suggestions every. single. time. I never realized there were so many individuals who do craft shows as a full time job and travel many, many states. Talk about intense!

We had great success again this year with raising more funds, and we are definitely planning on being at the show in October!

We’re going to be posting one-of-a-kind items for sale on our facebook page within the week. These items will be ready-to-send at the time of order, so tell your friends! It will include a number of sock monkeys and of course some of our already made hats!!!