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The adoption bloggo-sphere and facebook blew up yesterday. Many people may have seen it, and yes, I’m going to continue it… 🙂

It all began because of a “little” known fella’ by the name of Pat Robertson…You’ve probably heard of him. You know, the man who has been associated with Christian television for the past several decades…the man who many people put Christians in the same “box” as… a self-centered, open-mouthed, American Christian with controversial statements spewing out of his mouth more and more as he ages. Recently he did not “disappoint” in statements on the 700 Club regarding his opinion concerning adoption.

I invite you to take a look at his “message” HERE.

The two words that ring out directly after his “speech” to me is…So what? So what, Mr. Robertson if someone were to adopt a child with sexual abuse in their past? So what if a family chooses to take “the least of these” into their home? So what if a child has a brain disorder? SO WHAT if there is any problem whatsoever with a child across the world that you desire to give them a home and a family?

Christianity is about BEING Jesus to ALL PEOPLE. Giving money and giving a tract to people across the world is not good enough in my book. Somehow, I believe we are called to be Jesus to each and every person. This INCLUDES the hurting, the lost, the leper, the AIDS patient, the sexually abused, the gay/lesbian, the sinner. I do not feel that just giving money for people is the only way to “minister” to that group.

I don’t believe Jesus gave his money to the people he came across….HE GAVE OF HIMSELF in such a personal and God-honoring way. He SPOKE with the prostitute and asked for water from her hands. He INVITED 12 worldly men to become his disciples: tax collectors, fishermen, a political zealot…He worshiped, prayed, loved on, cried with, and ate with each of these men. His FELLOWSHIP with them spoke so resolutely to them that they dropped all that they had to become His trusted disciple.

I know that I have personally missed the boat in regard to being Jesus to all people: I have scoffed at individuals; I have been careless in relationships; I have not given all that I could to someone. But all in all, Mr. Robertson, your statements have not only hurt many people- hurt your reputation (not that I believe you had much left after the divorce-your-dying-wife-comment and many, many more), but altogether, your statements have sparked a new desire within me…To truly CHALLENGE the Christians around me to continue FELLOWSHIPPING with the “least of these”…to get down on the same level as the “weird”, to understand the feelings of the hurt, and to get hands dirty for the sake of cleaning the feet of the broken. God wants our lives to reflect who HE IS.

THAT is what a Christian’s life is supposed to be about…to not be afraid of being judged because of who you are with, but to be known as His follower who has been called to LOVE the way Jesus loved.

THAT is biblical Mr. Robertson. I’m afraid your response had nothing Biblical in it. And yes, as an American you are entitled to your opinion, but when people are writing to you as a CHRISTIAN “elder” you should be backing up your statements with TRUTH from God’s WORD.

I’m going to end my rant there…I could go on and on. I’m challenged by statements Christians make in relationship to how they believe ministry should look like. Much like Robertson, many people don’t believe we are called to go to the other side of the world just to adopt, but my Jesus would. And He did. He went to the other side of the world to DIE on a CROSS for ME….and YOU! Why should we not be called to do the same?

*If you want to see one amazing and highly respected response to Robertson’s statements. Please check out Dr. Russell Moore’s knowledgeable and BIBLICAL rebuttal….HERE