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People, it’s been exactly ONE YEAR with our paperwork in Ethiopia! Yesterday (August 26th) we were one year DTE (dossier-to-Ethiopia).

How crazy is that?!

And it’s been over TWO YEARS in the adoption process.

Praise be to God we have come this far!!!!! What a blessing it’s been to see who has been encouraging us throughout this process. We’ve gained friends and lost friends, we’ve gained grey hairs and plucked a few, we’ve felt God’s grace and fretted about where He is, and we’ve laughed a lot and have cried even more.

It’s a roller coaster, my friends. A roller coaster for real. One day we tend to be so excited because we saw some miraculous things happen in our journey and also in some of our friends’ journeys, and then there are other days where we find ourselves asking God how long we have to keep going while we hear everyone around us asking “where are those babies?” “have you heard anything”, “we can’t wait to see your children”, etc… Don’t get me wrong….we LOVE that our friends are feeling they can ask us questions, but some days we’re just tired of saying “No, at this point we’re just waiting on a phone call, and we have no idea when that will be”…It’s not like we’re growing a belly here that we can estimate a future delivery within a 9 month time range.

But altogether, we do thank so many of you who have been following our journey of faith and grace. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the various types of support many of you have bestowed upon us: whether through prayer, purchasing something from our fundraisers, or even for an anonymous donation.

And with that, we trudge on in the journey God has designed for us. We truly are excited to see His fruits, but in the mean time we celebrate how far we have come and continue to surround our next (however-long) in prayer.

We’d love to have you continue on the roller coaster with us!