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I have absolutely no idea what number I should assign to this update. But I feel as if I am overdue for an update to whomever reads about our life in these few words…We are still around. Not a lot of new info to share, but I must say that doesn’t change how full our hearts are right about now. Our hearts have been stirred in various ways, both in faith and in doubt; praise and sorrow; peace and unrest.

Let me just start by stating the obvious and easy to explain: we have been DTE now for almost 14 months. But we started the adoption process a year before we became DTE…we needed to wait to turn in our dossier until we had the appropriate funds. So here we are, 14 mos DTE and still raising money. Talk about a humbling time. This is the part I dislike. Granted, God has truly given us the time to raise funds, but it most certainly hasn’t been easy.

The adoption process in general is a roller coaster of emotions, but on good days it’s an intense blessing…one in which I have a hard time grasping the reality of. The idea that some people can place money in an envelope and send to a complete stranger who is a friend-of-a-friend is just a tiny example of a God-spoken miracle.The encouragement that gives to us is uncanny! And then there are days in which we sign on to our adoption yahoo group or facebook group and see the panic in others’ words regarding how wait times have now been changed to 24-31 months from DTE date…it’s hard not to have the hope we gained from a complete stranger’s envelope of blessings become completely diminished because we only have uncertainly in regard to when we may see the faces of our children.

But among the ups and downs, and among the weeds of doubt that have grown, we try desperately to hold onto the blessings that have been planted among our journey. One of these has been the 4 craft shows we have now completed. The first weekend in October brought our 4th show, and we are once again blown away by God’s provisions. Not only has He given us the abilities to complete the items we work on, but he has blessed us with the patronage of others to our adoption! From Travis’ mother and sister’s willingness to work on taggie blankets, my mom’s ability to crochet (AND TEACH ME) and my dad’s help in setting up and tearing down, Travis’ ability to SEW ALL the sock monkeys (and does a pretty incredible job I might add), and the blessing that I was able to pick up crocheting relatively fast, and meet an incredible photographer that has turned into a friend who is willing to use and photograph our items…ALL have been incredible provisions.
All in all we have certainly been blessed beyond measure. And we are more than thankful! And to prove to you of the blessings, we want to share some pictures from last weekend….