Oh my, how I have been slacking within this bloggo world! Here it is almost February, and I see I haven’t updated this site since October! It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years blasted past us and are now all completed…Without trying to sound extremely melancholy, I’m so grateful they are gone and done. This year the Holidays were quite odd for me between emotions, stress, and just plain exhaustion and I’m somewhat relieved things are in the past.

But among the craziness we have truly been blessed with time for each other and with family members-both here and in Iowa. The time spent was so valuable to both me and Travis, and of course it made us contemplate dream about what this coming year may bring. There’s a constant battle within both of us of trying to think logically throughout this adoption process, yet there are times we just desire to openly dream of what our lives may look like in the near future.

We are officially 17 months DTE TODAY and that excites us, yet reality sets in to say that we have a looooong way to go…especially considering our request of twins and the fact no one can tell us an approximate wait time. Many people wonder why we are not open at the moment to a single adoption or a sibling set with varying ages…but the only simple answer we can give is…We truly believe God has put that request specifically on our hearts. There’s a longer story to this, but I will say you will have to hear it in person in order to truly understand this. Let me just say, God gave Travis an awesome gift one Sunday that solidified our request….

So here it is, 2013. We started this adoption in 2010 with the application, homestudy, and Dossier paperwork…and here we are still here waiting. But I can’t say we are complaining. We have needed this wait. We have needed to grow as a couple, prepare our hearts to accept little hearts, and allow God to continue molding our lives to better accept the children He has planned for us. Overall, this wait has blown us away at times. We have been able to accomplish several fundraisers, and along with them have been given wonderful blessings of meeting  supportive individuals in prayer, encouragement, and financial purchases.

Granted, we have an unknown amount of time left on this adoption journey, yet it’s been just like God to give us little blessings along the way to say He hasn’t forgotten us. What a joy to know that in 2013 God is STILL WITH US! 🙂 Some of these proofs of His love and faithfulness have come our way within the last week and have literally blown us away. Stay tuned within the next several weeks to learn of these crazy-amazing miracles of God’s blessings!

In the mean time, I just want to share a very special video that speaks to us to continue along this journey WITH our GOD!

(I don’t know about you, but every time I see this video I want to stock up on paint powder!) 🙂 What FUN!