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A few weeks ago, on a Thursday I went to Bible study, went to work, and later received a special email from a reporter from our local newspaper asking whether or not we would be willing to sit down for an interview for an article. She was so sweet as she was cautious as to whether or not we would be comfortable talking about adoption. Our answer: OF COURSE WE’LL DO IT! WE LOVE ADOPTION!!!

It was such glorious timing as we just had discussed earlier that morning God’s timing in Abraham and Sarah’s wait for a child. This study of the book of Genesis has been such a wonderful thing for me. Everything has revolved around God’s purpose for His people and also about the waiting many of the people in the Bible had to complete. What great lessons and encouragement have been discussed throughout this year’s Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) study!

The wait of this adoption can be a blessing and a curse- depending upon the day. But I must tell you, to have been contacted by the reporter was nothing less than our good Lord saying to us “I’m still in your journey- I’m walking alongside you”. Things like this just do not “happen”…I truly believe they are planned by a Power that is a lot more loving and organized than I am!

Our interview with Joy Brown from The Courier was such a gift. She was incredibly kind and gracious while we spewed our passions about adoption, and listened with an open ear. We answered the questions as best we could- everything from how we met, how we became interested in adoption, the process we’ve been through up to this point, and about our fundraisers. Oh how we had her writing madly in her notebook! Luckily though, our interview was recorded and she did an amazing job at thoroughly using the details to write a wonderful article. Joy also set up such a sweet video-complete with images from our church, pictures from our dear friend, Tiffany Levenhagen of Levenhagen Photography of our hats, and segments of our recorded interview.

Want to know how she came to learn of our story? (This is the cool part). In the fall she and her family had pictures taken by Tiffany and through her Facebook page, came across our information and pictures. Joy then checked our blog, our FB page, and etsy…which then led to her contacting us. Isn’t that amazing?! I have to tell you, our adoption journey would not be what it is if Tiffany was not a part of it. Ever since our very first craft show where Tiffany walked into our booth for a few hats, special people and special things have come into our lives…all from the glorious pictures from Levenhagen Photography. We have been blown away> so much so, I tend to run out of words to describe all that has been happening! All I come up with is the word BLESSING…everything has been wonderful blessings for us along this journey!

So from our first email a few Thursdays ago, our article was in yesterday’s (Thursday) paper!IMG_0637

If you’d like to read the entire article, you can HERE!

And here is the sweet video: