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Well, it came. “THEE CALL”! We’ve been matched with a little boy in Ethiopia!

It is still so surreal. Wednesday, October 15th will always be a day we remember! I saw the much-anticipated ‘703’ area code on my phone, but thought nothing of it as we just recently updated paperwork and I entertained the thought that maybe something needed to be corrected. When our family coordinator asked if Travis could be reached by phone, I knew this was not a call about paperwork. After trying to reach Travis for a conference call, we were finally both connected with Kelsey and she proceeded to tell us she was looking at the face of an adorable, healthy little 14 month old boy with chubby cheeks. Travis and I both lost it- we blubbered throughout most of the call and only heard a few details of the little babe we may get to call our son. It was amazing.
We were emailed numerous papers and information after hanging up the phone-along with 6 glorious pictures we drooled over at first site. Travis ended up leaving school early as his teachers and principal were so gracious to let him make the drive home before the day was complete. He came home and we looked at the pictures together for the first time.

We cried.

I screemed.

And we fell in love with a boy’s precious face on the other side of the globe.

Sweet tears of blessings have flowed numerous times since those early moments of news. God has moved our adoption forward! To quote my 8 year old nephew for my reply to this answer of prayer: “Hallelujah!” *Although we are not allowed to publicly post pictures of him or any specific information until after we have passed court, I can give you a teaser picture… 🙂


What’s ahead:
We have two weeks to decide if we want to move forward with his referral. As far we we’re concerned, there is no choice. We want him. We look at his pictures regularly- like almost every hour. (I ‘may’ have woken up several times throughout the last few nights just to look at his sweet face.) But we have a lot to do to move this forward again…we have paperwork to sign, some MAJOR money to be sent in with our acceptance, and we have more updates and new paperwork to complete.

This is where we become vulnerable and transparent…
We are depleted. Our financial situation is not ideal. Travis had an ER visit, two surgeries, and various specialist appointments in the month of September for two kidney stones. This past year we had to begin leasing a car because one of our two paid off cars decided it needed a 3rd transmission, we discovered a mold issue in our bathroom that needed a full overhaul, and we updated our immigration paperwork for this adoption… Thus, 2014 required much from us emotionally, physically, and most certainly, financially. We depleted our savings and still have medical bills to pay.

We truly have tried to be good stewards of the monies God has given to us through our fundraisers. And we understand some others’ questions of whether we should progress through the adoption because of our finances, but we know personally that God provides. He has literally provided EVERY PENNY up until this point, and we KNOW He will provide the rest of the funds we need.

We have some options of grants for travel expenses, but it’s the current $5,635.00 that is our most pressing need at this time. We cannot accept our referral until we are able to send in this amount.

My pride is wounded as I write our needs out. We know God is the God of miracles, and we can be bold in His name- yet, we are human. We have struggles we do not like to admit having.

So many of you have already been a blessing in supporting us, and for this we are so grateful. We would love to still have your involvement in this process as we move forward. We have been blessed to be able to do the adoption debt-free, and we know this is the best option for our family.

Would you consider being a part of the miracle God is orchestrating in our lives and the life of a little boy in Ethiopia? Our agency has a program entitled “the eternal family program” where individuals can give monetarily in honor of a specific family. Contributions can be tax deductible, and further information can be found HERE.

We look forward to continuing this journey with you!!!