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It’s May 20th, 2015 and we are still waiting, or in the least bit, wading through the ends of this adoption. And we haven’t even met our son yet! But the time is drawing closer. We received notice last week that all investigations are complete, and now we are only waiting on a court date, and therefore a travel date to meet our little Ethiopian! Things were moving so incredibly slow for so long throughout this journey that it almost takes my breath away thinking of how close we are to traveling! What a monstrous answer to prayer!

As we are getting closer and closer to bringing our little guy home, many have asked what we need or how things may look for a little while… And usually, our answers are “we have no idea quite yet”. Our minds are overwhelmed at all the ‘what ifs” we ask ourselves daily. Many may think as they see us preparing for parenthood, or hear us discussing possibilities, that we are overdoing and over-thinking this thing called ‘parenting a hurt child’- but that’s our reality.

We will be bringing a child into our home from a culture that is in stark-contrast to our own. Smells will be completely different, climate will be new, sights will be overwhelming, crowds will most likely be overwhelming (let’s be honest-we live in the Midwest: Caucasians are the majority, and we will be bringing a child into a place where he will become the minority)- all of this together will need to be slowly integrated into our child’s life (or that’s how we are planning on do things…slowly)

When our child steps into our arms forever, he is going to be whisked away to a complete new reality, and we plan on supporting him in this journey with all that we have to give. This will look quite odd for so many who have not been in the international adoption community…

Our parenting will look different. Most likely we will be wearing our son around the house, around the neighborhood, and will be very cautious not to go into public places too soon.

We think strategically about the toys he will have to play with.

Cautious about the people he will be around, and

We will most likely over-analyze things

But we will do it all with prayer and pleas to our Heavenly Father. And we’d love to have your support and prayers along regarding these huge transitions for our family. It’s ‘taken a village’ to complete this adoption, with monies, prayer support, and encouragement throughout. Yet, it’s not near over- We need our ‘village’ to help us become the parents to our little guy that God has ordained us to be. And that, at its core, means we will continue to need your encouragement and prayer if you are willing.

Stay tuned in the near future for what we hope will be the final steps of our adoption!!!