We are the G’s…we have little idea what we are to be doing in the near future. We are a couple who knows what we enjoy, knows what some of our talents and passions are, and knows that we are in the middle of tossing up our hands hoping to learn where God is directing us. We are currently following His call to adopt as the first option to begin our family. Our lives were changed in South Africa in 2010, and we are confident God is calling us back to Africa to continue to change our hearts in ways we have no idea! We are praying for our faith to continue through the journey God has prepared for us.

*Travis & Faith Gingerich*


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Joann Huneryager said:

    Hi Travis and Faith: Travis, I am your great Aunt Joann, and I would like to make a contribution to your adoption fund. If you could please e-mail to me your address, I would like to put a check in the mail to you. Thanks so much. Joann


  2. Hi Faith,
    I have followed your journey blog since you commented on my blog over a year ago (jntordinarymiracle.blogspot.com). My husband and I were adopting from Russia at the time and we’ve had our little girl home with us for a year now! I am commenting because I would love to get some info/advice from you regarding adopting from Ethiopia. Would you be able to email me at my personal email address (tara@nalley.me)? Thanks so much! Tara


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