Adoption Status

Submitted Application to America World Adoption Agency…..July 14th, 2010> Paid $250

Approval for adoption received….August 3rd, 2010

Sent Ethiopia program agreement forms + initial payment…September 19, 2010>Paid $1,500

Received phone call, emails, and paperwork from Home study social worker…September 27, 2010

Home study appt #1: October 20, 2010>Paid $2,850

Hague Training complete, 8 hours: November 29th>Paid $175

Dec 1st & Dec 8th: Homestudy appointments, safety inspection, & individual interviews.

Received final draft of written homestudy: January 17, 2011

-Submission of USCIS I-600a: January 18th>Paid $890

-USCIS biometrics (fingerprints): Feb 23rd in Columbus, OH

-Received I-171H in mail: March 10th!

-Dossier Submission {includes 2nd installment of program fee (2000), translation fee (800), post-placement deposit (1000), courier fee (150), 1st half of international program fee (3750)}>Paid $7,700

-Dossier SUBMITTED to AWAA> August 16, 2011 by the GRACE OF GOD!

-DTE! (Dossier is sent To Ethiopia)> August 26, 2011 (even with an earthquake and hurricane!)

-USCIS fingerprints, Homestudy update, I 171H update- Paid $450

-August 26, 2012- ONE YEAR DTE!!!!!

-August 26, 2013- TWO YEARS DTE!!!!

-August 26, 2014- THREE YEARS DTE!!!!

-Homestudy update, USCIS I-171h update, fingerprints update> August 2014 -Paid $1,320

-October 15, 2014-REFERRAL CALL!!!

upon acceptance of referral: international specialist consultation (400), 3rd installment of program fee (1,500), 2nd installment of international program fee (3,750)> Cost-  about $5,650+

November 7, 2014– Received 13 new pictures of our boy! He’s even wearing a Chicago Cubs shirt, which just happens to be T’s favorite team! 🙂 Little blessings!!!

-November 18th, sent 1st care package to a traveling family to take to our little guy…first care package

-Last steps: airfare for two adult trips (2,400-4,000), child airfare (500-1000), visas (40), embassy fee (400), in-country travel package (1400-2000)>Cost $5,000- 10,000 or more…


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