Isn’t is amazing how plans change? I was just sitting, writing a new blog post about some important things on my heart, but alas I’m going to be saving it as it’s deep and it needs time to sit… SO, in the spirit of plans changing, our yard sale had several possible venues, but plans fell through. Thus, we had our sale at our home, in little ol’ Bluffton, Ohio…in the backyard. We ran out of room. It was nuts.

I’ll pleasure you with some pics of the madness….

First, the stuffed-to-the-max garage.

 Limited space…(please disregard the “rustic” garage. Our house is 110 years old…our garage>not that far behind… )

Our backyard became tent city!

Beginning the chaos… We had NO idea how many home items we had until…..

We took a step back to see that 4 tables were not enough… This was pure chaos and overwhelming! ALL of this is home goods.

The clothes tent….Ye,s, we ran out of room (and hangers) for all the clothes as well!

Teacher and kiddo tent.

Animals, Christmas items, and electronics.

Stacking the shelves FULL!

So, when setting up ended, the fun began! Two days of hoping and praying for no rain and a desire for a crowd…God provided us with NO rain (when just a few miles away it poured!) and interested patrons! I truly wish we had an after picture as our garage is FULL AGAIN. It’s looking like we didn’t even make a DENT in our stash, but with a total of $736.40 it proves we DID sell some things! 🙂 We will be having another sale (date to be determined), but it will probably be in Columbus at Chris and Maggie’s. It was a total GOD moment as I was just talking with Travis and my parents about how we will definitely need another sale, and it needed to be in a place with a lot of foot traffic and great people, when my sis-in-law Maggie texted  (AT THAT MOMENT) and out of the blue said we could have a sale  at their house. Yes it means we’ll have to find transport for our entire garage, but hey, our God is HUGE right?!  So that about sums up our sale!

Oh, by the way, if any of you (locals, please) know someone who is looking for a corn furnace (for a workshop)…we have one for sale! (AWESOME story: we were picking up some items from friends of my parents<whom I have not seen in years> when the husband took Travis back to his shop to offer him a corn stove/furnace. When he saw it, he knew it could be a great item for our sale, but we had no idea what to ask for it…Come to find out the husband had only used it for 2 winters and paid around $800…We were BLOWN away by this family and how God is MOVING, even in the midst of our collecting items of a yard sale!!!!!